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About Us

From humble beginnings our founder Phil Greig started out by working in orchards in Kumeu where he first developed his love for quality produce.
Through this passion, horticultural experience and local knowledge Phil gained in this time, he then started cultivating his own strawberries for the local and international markets.
This was essentially the birth of our business and in 1990 Phil Greig's Strawberry Garden was officially opened.
Watch our short video below and enjoy!
Since that day over 29 years ago, we have faced few challenges if any that we as a business haven't been able to overcome. Going from strength to strength, we are now proud to boast what we believe to be the sweetest and juiciest strawberries in the country. 
This quality of produce isn't achieved by chance as we implement a a meticulous processes of innovation, knowledge and regular maintenance. 
We use fresh soil and new plants every growing season to ensure only the sweetest, juiciest and largest strawberries. 
During harvesting our fruit is hand-picked daily and graded for each markets requirements and distributed throughout New Zealand and to international markets. You are guaranteed daily the freshest, ripest strawberries from our Kumeu shop which provides a variety to suit your requirements.
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